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  • Posted on: Oct 10 2019
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What is the ‘side boob’ trend and how can plastic surgery help you achieve it?

achieving side boob with plastic surgery

The most sought-after trend in breasts? Side boob. The look is getting more attention in the media, but how do you achieve it? Here is some background on the ‘side boob’ trend and surgical procedures that can help you acquire the perfect side boob.

What is side boob?

Side boob is exactly what it sounds like – when the side of your breasts are revealed in your clothing. It’s essentially “the new cleavage,” with the spotlight is shifting from the center to the side.

Many women want their breasts to show subtly from the side in dresses, bathing suits, shirts and the like. Side boob, just like cleavage, occurs naturally in some women but not in others. For women who don’t have it may be able to achieve it with cosmetic procedures.

How do I get side boob?

The most direct way to achieve side boob is to enhance your breasts with breast implants, fat grafting or both.

Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure that enhances the size and shape of your breasts. Choosing the right profile and thickness of your breast implant will help you achieve your side boob goals.

It’s important to note that if you have very little body fat and choose a breast implant that is too thick for your frame, or if you choose saline breast implants and they are placed above the muscle, there is a risk of seeing and feeling the edge of your breast implants. This can sometimes be more obvious if you lean over.

Reducing the risk of rippling or wrinkling can be done by placing your breast implants under the muscle, choosing silicone breast implants, and choosing a thickness and profile of breast implant that is more proportionate to your body.

Fat grafting is also a great way to subtly enhance your breast profile. Fat is removed from another area of your choice through liposuction, then it is processed and placed back into your breasts which can significantly improve your profile.

The use of fat grafting to the side of your breast implants is a great way to reduce any rippling and wrinkling that you may have from your previous breast augmentation and give you a more beautiful side boob.

What are your best options for the side boob of your dreams? You can realistically assess your breasts at home, and a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will provide you with the best option for your specific body and aesthetic goals.

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