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Gynecomastia Surgery before and after case study

                Gynecomastia before and after photos (front and side)     This pleasant 33 year old man came to see Dr. Medalie at his Beachwood, Ohio office to discuss gynecomastia reduction (left greater than right). He had evidence of breast tissue on his chest since adolescence and even with losing weight had not […]

  • Posted on: Jan 24 2022
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Male Breast Reduction after Weight Loss

  Male Breast Reduction to treat Severe Gynecomastia-Before and 1 year After Photos           This patient came to see Dr. Medalie complaining of  severe gynecomastia and lateral excess skin and fatty tissue. He had lost up to 150 lbs and was concerned about the displaced nipple/areolar complex, excess breast tissue and lateral excess skin […]

  • Posted on: Aug 28 2018
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Cleveland Plastic Surgery Case of the Week- Gynecomastia (male breast reduction)

This male patient  suffered from right unilateral gynecomastia. He came to Dr. Medalie of Cleveland Plastic  Surgery at his Cleveland downtown office requesting right sided reduction of his breast tissue. He underwent liposuction and a small sub-areolar resection of excess glandular tissue as an outpatient at the Metro West 150th street surgery center just south […]

Gynecomastia Reduction-Cleveland Plastic Surgery Case of the Week

This patient from Columbus, Ohio came to see Dr. Medalie at his Cleveland, Ohio office in regards to gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction). He elected to undergoe ultrasonic liposuction in adddition to a small peri-areolar incision to remove sub-areolar glandular tissue during his chest reduction surgery. He is shown 6 months after the procedure with […]