Out of Town Patients

Scheduling Surgery If You Live Out Of Town

I frequently perform operations on patients who live out of town and are unable to easily to see me in consultation prior to the procedure. I have several requirements for these patients: I must see pictures of them prior to scheduling surgery. They need to contact my office and have my patient care manager email or fax them a history and physical form to be filled out and sent back (or download it from this site). Typically the patient will come in to town 1 day prior to the procedure, and I will see them in pre-op area on the day of surgery. I will perform a phone consultation about 3 weeks prior to surgery. I will then perform the operation and see them back in my clinic in several days to check the surgical site and answer any questions. This means that the patient will spend around 4-7 days in the Cleveland area. Occasionally, patients have stayed only for 24 hours and had family doctors check on them, remove drains etc. Patients who live far away, but can drive to Cleveland (2-6 hrs.), can go home the next day and drive back to see me for their first post-operative appointment. I will then follow the progress of the patient via e-mailed pictures on a weekly basis. My patient care manager, Valerie, has information about hotels in the area as well as financing. You may contact her at [email protected].