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Cleveland Plastic Surgery Case of the Week-Rhinoplasty

This patient from Clevealnd, Ohio came to see Dr. Medalie of Clevealnd Plastic Surgery for nose reshaping. She wanted to retain her nasal structure but have a smaller more refined appearance. She did not like the width of the nose, her dorsal “hump” and the width of her nasal tip. She underwent an outpatient procedure […]

Tummy Tuck in Cleveland, Ohio-Plastic Surgery Case of the Week

This patient from Columbus, Ohio came up to Cleveland to see  Dr. Medalie about abdominal contouring  (tummy tuck) after pregnancy and dramatic weight loss. She had extreme stretching of the skin and muscle and a fold of tissue above the belly button. Dr. Medalie performed the surgery as an outpatient at the MetroHealth West 150th […]

Cleveland Plastic Surgery Case of the Week- Large Volume Liposuction

This patient from Youngstown Ohio came to see Dr. Medalie at his Cleveland East side office in Beechwood. She desired total body liposuction and agreed that she was very overweight with extreme body disporoportion to start with. She exercised daily and felt that liposuction might help to jump start a new diet plan . Dr. […]