Gender Confirmation top surgery via a peri-areolar approach before and after

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Case ID: 3638

Front: FtM peri areolar top surgery before and after photos


Gender Confirmation top surgery via a peri-areolar approach before and after photos. The after photos is only at 4 weeks post-op so the scars are still visible. Even at this early date it is apparent that when everything is healed, the result will be excellent with minimal scarring.


PERI: In general, patients who have smaller breasts can have the entire surgery performed by having a small incision at the outer edge of the areola from 12:00 to 6:00 o’clock. A lighted retractor and surgical scissors are used to perform a complete sub-cutaneous mastectomy. Liposuction of the chest is also performed as needed.This provides the most optimal results and can be almost invisible after it heals. If the skin appears a little looser at the start of the case then a complete peri-areolar incision is made. A small amount of skin is removed (in a doughnut pattern , also known as-“peri-areolar or “purse-string” mastopexy”). A subcutaneous mastectomy is performed and then the outer edge of the skin is closed with a purse-string to the newly down-sized areola. By necessity, the edges of the incision around the nipple will be “scalloped” or bunched up initially. This settles down to a great degree over time. If the patient understands that scar revision may be necessary, this is a very reasonable approach. The nipple may experience compromise of its blood supply and also have sensation or erectile capacity changes.