Cleveland Plastic Surgery Case of the Week-FtM “top” surgery keyhole approach

This pleasant 26 year old FtM transgender patient contacted Dr. Medalie for bilateral mastectomy (female to male top surgery). He was hoping for minimal scars since he was small chested to begin with and Dr. Medalie felt that the keyhole approach (incision  from 7-11 pm at the edge of the areola) would be an adequate incision. The other alternative approaches were the complete peri-areolar approach and the double incision with nipple grafting. He had his surgery as a 2 hour outpatient procedure and is shown at six months with an excellent result. There is minimal evidence of scar formation and a nice chest contour. The patient is very happy with his “top ” surgery results.

*Plastic surgery results are not guaranteed

FtM Top Surgery Before  Keyhole approach

FtM Top Surgery  After Keyhole approach

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