Cleveland Plastic Surgery Case of the Week- Breast Augmentation

This is an interesting series of pictures. It shows the change in breast appearance over time after breast implant insertion. This patient from Akron, Ohio desired breast enhancement with saline implants. She is 5ft 6″ and 130 lbs. Pre-operatively she was an ‘A’ cup, and her goal was to be a ‘C’ cup. She underwent breast augmentation surgery in Cleveland with Allergan “Natrelle” style saline implants. The implants were style 68 , smooth , round, moderate profile 330 cc filled to 360 ccs bilaterally. The pictures show her front and oblique views pre-operatively, 1week after surgery and 3 months after surgery. It can be clearly seen that the breast implants have settled and become much more natural appearing at the three month mark. This is typical and should be expected in any type of breast enlargement procedure. For more information please contact Dr. Medalie

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Breast augmentation pre-op

Breast augmentation 1 week post-op

Breast augmentation 3 months post-op

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